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Children & Chiropractic

Find out more today about how Chiropractic can benefit your child or baby.

While a child is growing, the spine is subjected to a variety of stresses, bumps, twists and falls. Spinal corrections in childhood is valuable before the body becomes accommodated to such problems. A child’s spinal development is not complete until young adulthood, even up to age 25. Especially until the end of rapid growth (15 to 19 yrs) the spine is vulnerable to abnormal development. Don’t let early problems go undetected! Adjustments are safe and often low force techniques are better for this age group.

Some benefits of Chiropractic care for Children:

Support overall health and wellbeing.
Help with breathing difficulties.
Encourage good spinal posture.
Help with irritable babies.
Encourage good neural plasticity (brain and nerve development)
Assist with sleep issues.


A child at their best is vibrant, healthy and full of energy and a healthy nervous system helps to promote this.


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