History Taking

The emphasis at the initial consultation is to spend time getting to understand each patient’s problem. The process starts with taking a full case history to review important aspects of your health.

Physical Examination

An examination usually involves motion palpation and static palpation which involves the chiropractor taking the patient’s spine through its full range of motion looking for areas of restriction. Your posture will be checked. Your reflexes and muscle strength along with other orthopaedic and neurological tests may be performed.

Advanced Testing

Based on your examination findings, X-Rays or other types of diagnostic imaging like MRI may be necessary. Images can help reveal pathologies and give a picture of your spinal health.

Tailored Treatment

A differential diagnosis or working diagnosis will be built up over a few visits. Decisions are then made as to where adjustments will be given. A care program will be created based on your unique condition. A treatment strategy with a range of techniques is tailored for each patient.

A tailored treatment may include:


A Chiropractic adjustment usually involves a hands on approach where a short quick movement is applied in the direction of joint restriction or sometimes just pressure is applied. There are many chiropractic techniques and specialised tables or instruments can be used.

Muscle Techniques

Trigger point therapy involves gentle finger pressure applied to the trigger point to relieve pain associated with these points.

Stretches and Exercises

Stretches may be prescribed to reduce tension in the muscle. Exercises may be prescribed to help strengthen the muscle. Activities such as swimming, walking, cycling and gym may be recommended. The goal will be to help stabilize your condition for the longer term.

Self Management

Home, lifestyle and workplace self-management advice involves workplace ergonomics, lifting guidelines, guidance on work duties, ice and heat, exercises and stretches and brace and support recommendations.


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