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Dr Tash Jackson has specialist training in chiropractic care of pregnant women.

Pregnant women often experience spinal discomfort. As the baby is carried forward, away from the spine, the increasing weight shifts the centre of gravity forward. Pelvic ligaments and joints stretch, under the influence of the hormone relaxin. The spinal joints, muscles and ligaments have to compensate, which can lead to irritation of spinal nerves and compromise normal functions. The increased stress may cause pain radiation into the upper spine, lower back, abdomen, buttocks and legs.

Intrauterine constraint can occur when pelvic misalignments influencing muscles and ligaments which support the uterus, hinder the symmetrical enlargement of the uterus and affecting the baby’s position inside. This could prevent the baby from getting into the best position ready for birth and would mean a longer and more painful labour.

Dr Jackson is familiar with the Webster technique. Mothers presenting with a breech baby, transverse or posterior, have had a high success rate in turning the baby to the normal vertex position using this technique.

Our chiropractic tables have special areas to accommodate the mother’s changing body shape so the patient can lie flat. Throughout your pregnancy and after child birth, chiropractic care can optimise pelvic balance and spinal function. Adjustments are gentle and safe for mother and baby.


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