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Shoulder, Hip and Elbow Pain

Our chiropractors have specialised training in adjusting other joints of the body.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder injuries are difficult to treat due to the complex nature of the rotator cuff joint. Shoulder dysfunction and pain can be a result of bursitis, muscular tears, muscle tendinopathies or instability. A frozen shoulder can develop, causing scar tissue to form from under use. Mobilisation is important to restore movement and prevent further disability. We will help diagnose the cause of your condition, often with the help of an X-Ray and ultrasound scan. Specific adjustments to restore restricted shoulder movements and exercises and stretches may be prescribed.

Hip Pain

Pain in the hip can be referred from a pinched nerve in the lumbar spine or directly from the hip. Pain from inside the hip joint itself can be an acute (from an accident) or chronic (usually arthritis) condition. Inflammation can cause pain from sprains, fractures, arthritis or infection. Reducing swelling, restoring good hip movement and determining the cause of hip joint dysfunction are key to the successful rehabilitation of hip joint problems.

Elbow Pain

Elbow pain can be caused by a tendinopathy called golfer’s or tennis elbow or from an overuse muscular strain. Often the wider area is effected involving the wrist or shoulder joints. Our chiropractors can effectively adjust your extremity joints and offer exercises or stretches that can help restore the normal biomechanics of your joints.


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